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Malignant Pathology of Brain Meningioma Tumor as the Best Predictor for Mortality and Recurrency rate of Meningioma

Key Note Speech By Dr. Mojataba Mafi Medical Doctor/ Physician from Tehran university

We studied on meningioma among 614 patients with Brain tumor (consists of meningioma, glioma and pituitary tumor). 145 patients had meningioma. Our results are in various topics: 1. Clinical features of meningioma 2. Anatomical distribution 3. Radiation induced meningioma 4. Meningioma and foster Kennedy syndrome 5. Meningioma and pseudo foster Kennedy syndrome 6. Multiple meningioma 7. Post traumatic and skull fracture meningioma 8. Cutaneous meningioma 9. Meningioma and DVT 10. Trigeminal neuralgia and meningioma 11. Recurrent meningioma 12. Meningioma mortality rate And some others. We are going on to continue this study. This research project has been held in neurosurgery ward Shariati Hospital and had been scientifically registered. We studied during 6 years on meningioma patients to find the risk factors for meningioma recurrence as well as answer to these questions: 1. What is the recurrence rate of meningioma? 2. Which anatomical locations are more prevalent for overall recurrency? 3. What is tumor specific recurrence rate according to anatomical location? 4. How long does it take after meningioma surgery till tumor recurrence? 5. Are age and gender determining factors for meningioma recurrency? 6. The correlation between meningioma cellular pathology and recurrency? 7. Is mortality rate of recurrent meningioma more than primary tumor? We found that 20.7% of all patients with meningioma recur after 4.6 years after surgery. Female to male ratio was 1.72 among recurrent tumors with no significant difference with this ratio among all meningioma study sample was 1.96 but it seems recurrence rate is more among men. The more prevalent anatomical location for overall recurrency were: 1. Convexity: 43.3% 2. Parasagittal: 26.7% 3. Sphenoid wing: 16.7% Tumor specific recurrence rate: 1. Parasagittal: 42% 2. Pentorial: 33.3 % 3. Convexity: 27.6% Tumor specific mortality rate: 1. C-P Angle: 33.3% 2. Petroclival: 25% 3. Sphenoid wing = Convexity: 16.7% Mortality rate among recurrent meningioma patients is 13.3% in compare with primary meningioma patients’ mortality rate that was 6.9%, is approximately 2 times more. 75% of recurrent tumors with mortality were malignance meningioma pathologically or anaplastic meningioma, it shows that cellular malignance pathology has an important role for meningioma mortality and recurrency. We dedicate with honor the surgical procedures in details, follow up outcomes, history of radiotherapy and cellular pathology at oral presentation time. Thanks and regards. Mojtaba Mafi, MD, Study director. Fateme Rezvani, Bioinformatics, Study manager.

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